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101 Highly Lucrative Businesses


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This is a confidential research sponsored by the CBN, that listed 101 highly lucrative businesses you can start in Nigeria today. It analyses all profitable small, medium and large businesses in Nigeria.

Nigerian top billionaires and many multi-millionaires, all know the contents of this manual, and are investing heavily in the hidden sectors shown in this manual.

"The secret of business is to know something that no one else knows" Aristotle Onassis

The document is very detailed and contains a breakdown of not only the business, but also


  • Start-up capital required
  • Location where it will do best
  • The equipment and where to get them
  • The manpower required
  • The detailed processes involved in the business
  • Financial analysis detailing the operating income and expense analysis and other financial details, by those already in the business.

The contents of this manual will blow your mind !

If more Nigerians have this information, Nigeria will soon be as industrialized as China.

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