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How To Create Your Own Facebook Auto Group Poster image
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How To Create Your Own Facebook Auto Group Poster


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Don't allow your web hosting excess bandwidth to waste without utilizing it to the fullest. what is the need of using a web hosting without having an automation app running on it to make scheduling of online activities easy. why spending huge amount of money using automation platform such as hootesuite, buffer, and other site that offers automation for the same facebook auto group posting when you can just install it on your own web hosting or Free web hosting server and have full control as the admin and sole user or allow other people to sign up and you charge them a fee for using the service and free yourself from paying monthly fee of same amount that is enough to purchase an hosting package.

site like hootsuite charges $19 per month on their professional plans while site like buffer charges $10/month Basic Plan and you have limit to only schedule 100 post, not encouraging and this amount charged per month is enough to Buy an hosting package and have even more online app installed on it without limitations to the number of social media account you can add or number of post you can schedule.
i have just giving you a secret money saving tips, so if you understand the beauty and freedom of having a private Self Hosted Facebook auto poster app, then you will know the worth of this offer i am bringing to your table.


as a business owner or website owner, with a self hosted website or a blogger, individual with a self hosted website, there is need for you to have online app that will carry out online activities such as Facebook auto group poster, auto posting, auto responding and auto updating social media posting on Facebook for you on daily basis even when your Computer/PC is shut down, it keeps posting to all your the various groups you have joined, including fan pages and your Facebook wall., so what if i don't have a Web hosting, can i still use it on my computer. the Answer Is Big Yes you can use it on your computer via a software known as Wampp or Xampp which will enable you run the script because it also serve as a web hosting on computer.


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