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In the next few hours, days or weeks...you are going to launch a new campaign on Facebook.

I am not sure what the campaign is going to be about or what your ad budget will be.

But let's assume you are going to run the campaign with an ad budget of $1000 (N370,000)

And when you do...

One of the Following Things Will Happen...
ONE - The campaign will be a total failure 
(It won't even bring anything close to N100,000)
TWO - It will break even 
(It will bring back the N370,000 you put in but nothing more)
THREE - It will do alright 
(It will bring about N740,000 which is an ROI of about 200% )
FOUR - It will go crazy and do extremely well 
(It will bring huge returns from N1m and above)

Whatever happens, one thing is for sure...

The Results You Are Going to Get Will Be Determined By These 2 Things:

(1) The audience you are targeting

(2) The advert you use in targeting them

Here is the REAL Truth...

Most people who advertise on Facebook have no idea of what they are doing.

They do not know the right way to target the audience they are trying to reach on Facebook.

And they have no idea of how to create adverts that capture their attention and gets them to respond.

I used to be like that when I started using Facebook to advertise my business back in 2011.

Sometimes, I will run campaigns that do alright bringing me returns of 30 - 100%

Sometimes, my campaigns only break even

And most of the time, they just won't work.

And this bothered me a lot.

So many times, I would just run away from advertising on Facebook for the fear of losing more money to the owners

That was until 2014 when I had to create a campaign to sell 1000 copies of a N3500 product within a month.

In order to sell this type of low price product and still generate good profits from it, the only way out was to setup a campaign that will get us quality clicks and leads for the lowest cost possible.

So, I sat down to study all the various FB campaigns I had created prior to that.

And I took time to observe why some worked and some didn't

Eventually, I launched this campaign and right from the first few minutes, the cost per click was $0.01

That is not all...

The cost of acquring leads was as low as $0.16

And we ended up selling 1283 copies of the N3500 product with an ad budget of $2000.

Which is N4,490,500

And an ROI of over 600%

It was a breakthrough moment for me and it got me to understand the true meaning of the wise saying below:

"There is an ULTIMATE way to do something and there is the MEDIOCRE way to do it"

If you do things the ultimate way, you will get ultimate results.

And if you do things the mediocre way, you will get mediocre results

Majority of people who run adverts on Facebook are either doing it wrong or doing it the mediocre way and their results are speaking for them

If you will like to know how to run Facebook adverts that bring super results for lesser cost, then get this course for yourself today 

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