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Dear Friend,

 In this letters I am going to show you the real cause of diabetes and also the solution to it. 

 So if you are looking for a way to get ride of your Type 2 Diabetes I want you to read this letter to the end.  

Here is about a diabetes researcher named Roy Taylor;   He’s a medical doctor and professor of medicine and metabolism at Newcastle University.

  Other universities look to Newcastle as a pioneer in health research. Its professors and alumni have received numerous awards and medals for their achievements in science and medicine.  

More importantly, they’ve saved millions of lives by curing and preventing diseases.

  And Dr. Taylor fits right in.  

 His research has been published in dozens of medical journals, changing the way we see diabetes. Yale University even tried to hire him, but he felt loyal to Newcastle.  

A few years ago, Dr. Taylor faced his biggest challenge yet… a medical mystery that had gone unsolved since 1954: When Type 2 diabetics have gastric bypass surgery, their diabetes disappears almost overnight.  

This happens all over the world, and it’s been happening for decades. The thing is, gastric bypass surgery is an operation on the stomach.

  Are you following? Good.  

 It doesn’t have anything to do with blood sugar or diabetes.   And yet almost every single patient has their blood sugar and insul1n levels return to normal, reversing their Type 2 Diabetes, and reducing or even eliminating their need for medication.

But for years, no one knew why. Something was reversing their Type 2 Diabetes, and Dr. Taylor set out to figure it out.  

Now, we already knew that Type 2 diabetes have fat deposits around their pancreas. But for years, researchers thought they were an effect of the disease.

 Here’s what Dr. Taylor discovered: fat deposits around the pancreas are the primary cause of the disease.

 See, the pancreas produce insul1n, the hormone that helps your body absorb blood sugar.  

That means the pancreas is the organ responsible for keeping your blood glucose levels normal.    It’s a precise job – not enough insul1n, and your blood sugar will skyrocket.

  When fat deposits form around the pancreas, it throws everything out of whack. That fat squeezes and invades the pancreas, preventing it from producing enough insul1n, and increasing your body’s insul1n resistance.

  That means your blood stream gets less insul1n, and the insul1n that’s actually there can barely do its job of helping your body absorb blood sugar.

These fat deposits keep your blood glucose levels dangerously high, making you develop Type 2 Diabetes. Dr. Taylor realized that for the gastric bypass patients, their Type 2 Diabetes disappeared because the fat deposits around their pancreas disappeared.

Get Rid Of the Fat Deposits, and You Get Rid Of Type 2 Diabetes.

 Remember, the surgery doesn’t touch these fat deposits. So, the mystery continued: What was dissolving these fat deposits?  

Gradually, in early 2012, Dr. Taylor got a clue. Everyone that goes through gastric bypass surgery is given a temporary food supplement plan to follow.  

This food supplement plan has the exact fats, sugars, carbs, and essential vitamins and minerals to attack and destroy those fat deposits around the pancreas.

Getting rid of them so quickly was like giving a jump start to the pancreas.   With the fat deposits gone, the pancreas kicked back into gear, regulating blood glucose by producing the right amount of insul1n and lowering insul1n resistance.

By the end of this specialized food supplement plan, (which took about 58 days) virtually every single person eliminated their need for diabetes medication.

Dr. Taylor was thrilled. He had discovered the real cause of Type 2 Diabetes, and he had just discovered the solution that had been right under everyone’s nose for decades!

And since Dr. Taylor works at one of the top diabetes research universities in the world, he didn’t have to try to convince people that he was right… he could prove it.

He designed a temporary meal plan to jumpstart the pancreas, based on the one used by the gastric bypass patients.    

Then he ran a medical study at Newcastle University, which in 2013 was published in the medical journal Diabetologia.

 Dr. Taylor gave his food supplement remedy to people with Type 2 Diabetes from all works of life: men, women, young, old, the newly diagnosed and people who have had the disease for decades…  

The results were amazing.

 Watch this 3 minutes video of Dr Taylor, along his early patients talking about it...

 Everyone who completed the dosage saw the fat deposits around their pancreas disappear, their blood sugar normalizes, and their Type 2 Diabetes reversed.

Every single person was able to stop taking their medication. I’ll say that again: all of the participants. I mean 100%. Remember, these results were peer-reviewed in the medical journal Diabetologia, which means other researchers tested them for accuracy with the utmost scrutiny.

When I read how successful this was, I was both excited and furious. Excited because I have found solution that will save a lot of lives. And furious because Dr. Taylor published his study several years ago.    

You see my dear friend, Doctors will not tell you that “You have diabetes, now let’s get rid of it.” Instead, what they  will tell you is that: “You have diabetes, let’s put a band-aid on the symptoms.”

Because that’s what diabetes medication and insul1n shots are: “band-aid fixes” that only treat the symptoms… …when the root cause of your diabetes is the fat deposits around your pancreas.  

 What I discovered next made my blood boil:

 The federal government recently charged the diabetes medication manufacturer Sanofi with fraud: Big pharma has been bribing doctors and hospitals to prescribe their diabetes medication.

 It’s a French company called Sanofi, and they’ve been charged with bribing hospitals and doctors in the U.S. and Africa…to prescribe Sanofi diabetes medication.

I’m talking tens of millions of dollars. And that’s not even the worst of it.   In just the last 10 years, 11 of the top 25 pharmaceutical companies have faced similar bribery charges.  

(And 24 of the top 25 companies have faced other fraud charges, including covering up dangerous side effects, lying about success rates, and illegally inflating prices).  

Last year, in the US alone, pharmaceutical companies paid $3.75 billion in penalties for fraud… more than the previous 8 years combined. The problem is only getting worse.

  So, it’s no wonder the word about this natural treatment hadn’t got out… Pharmacy giants like Sanofi are bribing doctors to prescribe you their drugs instead!  

Obviously, they couldn’t have bribed every single doctor, but they don’t have to. Just bribing a few who are on top is enough …to stop the news of this discovery from spreading.  

  As good and simple as the discovery of this breakthrough diabetes destroyer sounded, Dr Taylor with years of experience understands that COMPLIANCE to meal plan would be an issue.

  As difficult as it may seem to adhere to a drug plan, it is much more herculean task when compared to that of meal plan.

  Dr Taylor knew he had not completed his research and went further to dig deep and see if there could be a substance or a combination of it, that could be formulated, that can mimic the action of the meal plan.

  Since we now know the cause of diabetes and insul1n resistance.   What the meal plan did was to boost metabolism to achieve the blood sugar lowering effect.  

How can this same metabolism be achieved with a drug?  

In 2019, alas! Light broke forth. A natural products was found that could deal with the fat that upsurges the blood sugar level.  

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